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Roof - Rent easy, live happy

Share chores and expenses with your roomies the fair way.

Roof offers sections for to-dos and expenses, notifications for reminders and alerts, and an easy way to keep things fair and square with your roommates

Roof - Rent easy, live happy

by Roof
Tasks and scheduling
Roof - Rent easy, live happy
Roof - Rent easy, live happy
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Roof offers sections for to-dos and expenses, notifications for reminders and alerts, and an easy way to keep things fair and square with your roommates.

Tasks and scheduling. The app comes with a couple of to-dos set up for you to use if you like, but creating your own is super simple. Just give it a name, select the participants, and then choose to auto-schedule it for convenience. You can pick the frequency, days of the week, and time of the day.

Tasks and scheduling
Expenses and settings

Expenses and settings. If you pay for something that everyone should chip in on, just create a new expense. Your roommates can then pay you back later. There are settings within the app to edit your Roof details, adjust your account information, and set up notifications for alerts and reminders.

What is it about?

Roof is a very simple-to-use app and if your roomies are all onboard, it can be quite useful. You can avoid the argument of whose turn it is to take out the trash or who owes who money for what. Simplify your roommate situation by keeping it fair with Roof.

For those who...

  • Live with roommates
  • Have trouble sharing chores and expenses with roomies

Not for those who...

  • Live alone
  • Prefer their current method of sharing chores and expenses

Why we love it

If you are setting up a new space with your roommates for college or just need some help with your current ones, then the Roof app is one to check out. Dispersing tasks and expenses, the app can aid in keeping everything fair and even in your place.

App Screenshots

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Last updated
December 15, 2017
Release date
June 29, 2016
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App Store Description

-- Split payments --
Monthly utility bills? New TV for the living room? Roof keeps a running tab between roommates, so you can split the cost of household expenses and always stay settled up.

-- Easy reminders --
Roof lets you schedule and track your household tasks. You’ll never have to guess if anyone fed the goldfish, or whether recycling day is this Thursday or next.

-- Timely notifications --
Roof reminds your roommates when its their turn to complete something, and lets everyone know when things are getting done.

-- Shared shopping list --
Roof keeps track of shared households items and whether or not they’re in stock. Remembering to buy toilet paper and split the cost with your roommates has never been easier.

-- Collect rent automatically --
Your tenants will pay rent through the app, so you get error-free accounting and no more missing rent checks.

-- Quickly see who hasn't paid --
Roof lets you do rent roll with just a glance.

-- Service requests in one place --
Your tenants can send requests for repairs and maintenance straight to your dashboard in seconds.

-- A simple tenant experience --
Roof makes things easy for your tenants. The app will remind them about upcoming rent payments, and lets them move money to your bank with just one tap.

-- "Work" from anywhere --
Use the Roof mobile app to keep up with everything, from anywhere you like.

Spend less time working for your income, and more time enjoying it