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Stickers Box

Need a fast reply

Need a fast reply

Stickers Box

by Idriss El Amrani
Stickers Box
Stickers Box
Stickers Box

What is it about?

Need a fast reply ?

Stickers Box

Stickers Box has stickers

like these

Stickers Box messages sticker-0
Stickers Box messages sticker-1
Stickers Box messages sticker-2
Stickers Box messages sticker-3
Stickers Box messages sticker-4
Stickers Box messages sticker-5
Stickers Box messages sticker-6

Stickers Box messages sticker-7
Stickers Box messages sticker-8
Stickers Box messages sticker-9
Stickers Box messages sticker-10
Stickers Box messages sticker-11
and more

App Details

Stickers Productivity
Last updated
October 19, 2016
Release date
October 10, 2016
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Need a fast reply ?
Just pick a sticker from the box and drag it to the related message, you can also use some masking panels to hide words from previous messages, as well as arrows and a selection circle to point the word you want.

Here is a list of some of the stickers and abbreviations used :
Yes, No, What ?, Like, Sweet, Love, Kiss, Good, Bad, Cute, Hate, Call, Open, Close, Right, Left, Ok, Go.
Ty : Thank you
NP : No Problem
OMG : Oh My God
NVM : Nevermind
SRY : Sorry
WTF ! : What the **** !
PLZ : Please
GG : Good Game
GL : Good Luck
HF : Have Fun
NFI : No F***ing Idea
Yolo : You Only Live Once
LOL : Laughing out loud
ROFL : Rolling On Floor Laughing
RLY ? : Really ?
Inc : incoming
TLDR : Too Long. Didn't Read.
IDK : I Don't Know

Plus more to discover on the BOX.