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iPhone: Lowest Malfunction Rates Compared To Competitors

November 11, 2008
The iPhone not only looks better than the BlackBerry, sells better than the BlackBerry, but now studies show that it also performs better than the BlackBerry - specifically in the first year of use. The Square Trade Study was performed by the Mobile Phone Warranty Firm and proved that the iPhone has a lower malfunction rate than the BlackBerry after studying 15,000 handsets. Highlights of the study include:
- In the first year of ownership, the iPhone had a 5.6% malfunction rate, half the rate of the BlackBerry and one-third the rate of the Treo. - The iPhone is projected to have a 9-11% malfunction rate in the first 2 years of ownership, compared to 14.3% for BlackBerry and 21% for Treo handsets. - Touch-screen issues were the most frequently reported iPhone problem, accounting for nearly one-third of all reported malfunctions. - The iPhone is prone to failure due to accidental damage, with 33% more failures reported in the first year. Nearly one quarter of iPhone handsets are projected to fail due to an accident in the first two years of ownership.
The projections may be relatively skewed since the iPhone is still in its infancy, but like usual, things are looking good for the Apple handset. [via cnet]

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