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Stream March Madness Live On Your iPhone

March 13, 2009
CBS has announced its plans to stream every NCAA March Madness game live on your iPhone starting March 19th. The application is available now for $4.99 at the App Store so you can prepare your iPhone for the madness in advance. The CBS Sports NCAA March Madness On Demand application will allow users to watch any game live during the tournament. The live video broadcasts will be just like their regular television counterparts with normal camera angles, full play-by-play commentary, and even those lovely commercials. Users will also be able to check brackets, get updated real-time scores, breaking news, video highlights, and whatever else college basketball fans may need to keep track of the tournament. Now, $4.99 for a live streaming video application doesn't sound like a whole lot, but there are a couple of catches. The application will only stream live video if your iPhone has a Wi-Fi connection. If you aren't near a Wi-Fi connection and are stuck using 3G or even EDGE, you will be relegated to an audio only broadcast. The other catch is, when March Madness expires so does the application. Users may as well delete the application after the championship game on April 6th. So, college basketball fans, are you willing to fork over $4.99 for a months worth of live video on your iPhone? Or are you more likely to use the free version available on your computer instead? [via AppleInsider]

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