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If You're Worried About Swine Flu, An App Is On Its Way

by Ian
April 30, 2009
3489438742_52a31e2e17jpgYour best source for information about Swine Flu might be Swine Flu Tracker, currently awaiting approval by Apple for release in the App Store. IntuApps has put together a detailed mashup of freely available information about the deadly Swine Flu and packaged it into an iPhone app, which will be offered for free when it is released, according to Techcrunch.

This app has virtually everything you'd want to know about the disease. There's the current threat level (currently at 5) as defined by the World Health Organization:

Threat Level - Swine Flu iPhone App

A map of flu cases with updated information coming through a Google Maps RSS feed: Map of Swine Flu iPhone App Symptoms and information about the disease: Swine Flu iPhone App Facts And alerts which have been culled from the Twitter feeds of the WHO, Centers for Disease Control and HealthMap: Alerts Swine Flu iPhone App Intuapp's Barry Schwartz has a write up on his blog (where all these screenshots came from) providing a glimpse of how they were able to pull this information together to deliver an iPhone app in such a short period of time.

I'm not so concerned by the Swine Flu (yet) that I need an app to follow its development, but I don't speak for everyone. Let us know in the comments if you'll be installing this app when it goes live.

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