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Do You Like Hot Girls AND iPhones? There's Now A Blog For That

May 20, 2009


Instead of just viewing hot girls on an iPhone, you can now view hot girls together with iPhones thanks to a blog that recently launched that is appropriately titled First off, the content on the site seems to be fairly safe for work, so no need to worry there.  The blog is pretty self-explanatory, but it isn't all just looking at pictures of girls with iPhones, you can also interact.  You can view photos of girls with iPhones, submit photos, and even rate the photos that have been posted.  Also, if you find a photo of a hot girl with an iPhone, you can simply tweet the image via Twitter and include the hashtag #hgwi, and the site admin will eventually retweet the image on the blog. It's a pretty simple concept, but if you have a bit of an iPhone fetish this site may be worth a bookmark.

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