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App Store "More" Tab - Once There, Now Gone

June 18, 2009


All week long we have been talking about the new iPhone OS 3.0 features and additions, but one we haven't talked much about was the addition of the "More" tab in the App Store. redeem_screenThe tab was new to the OS, and it included the ability to update apps, customize the App Store tab bar, and redeem codes.  Somehow, someway, the "More" tab disappeared overnight, leaving only the "Updates" tab in its place.   To add insult to injury, those of us who customized our App Store tab bar are now left with no way to undo our changes.  So, the question is: Why would Apple remove our beloved new tab? The most likely scenario for the removal is that the feature just wasn't working properly.  What's more surprising than the removal of the tab itself is that Apple has the ability to update their own apps remotely.  The App Store app took a few seconds longer to load this morning, which indicates to us that the new App Store app was being downloaded and installed.  This would also help explain our re-download mystery, where Apple was able to change the re-download messages on the fly. As long as we get our "More" tab back eventually, we will consider this a worthy learning experience.  Let's just hope it doesn't take too long. Update: We have removed the redemption code portion of the story since it wasn't completely correct.  Thanks Christian.

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