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Hottest Girls - First iPhone App With Nudity Now "Sold Out"

June 25, 2009


Hottest Girls, the first ever iPhone app to display nude images, has been pulled from the App Store because it is "sold out." Many websites have been reporting that Apple had seemingly pulled the app from the App Store because of the nude images, but as it turns out the developer's servers just couldn't handle all of the commotion. This message was posted on the developer's website shortly after the app disappeared from the App Store:
"The Hottest Girls app is temporarily sold out. The server usage is extremely high because of the popularity of this app. Thus, by not distributing the app, we can prevent our servers from crashing. Those who already have the app will still be able to use our app. To answer the question on everyone's mind: Yes, the topless images will still be there when it is sold again. -ATG dev team"
Obviously there is no need to panic, Apple didn't do anything wrong this time.  Just consider yourself lucky if you were able to download the app before it got suspended because you should still be able to view all of those topless images you have been waiting so long for. If the developer's servers wouldn't have caved, I wonder how far up the paid app list charts the app would have gotten?  Any thoughts?

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