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So, What Do You Think Of AppAdvice?

June 5, 2009


By now you have probably noticed something a little different about the site.  We wanted to spill the beans months ago, but we thought it would be way more special to allow you to witness in its full operational glory. Our team has been working very hard behind the scenes to bring you this visually appealing marvel, but it's not just pretty on the outside, it is also full of features on the inside.  We still have the same spectacular news and reviews, but we have also added tons of other features like applists, the App Store app chart, and we were even somehow able to squeeze BargainBin into the site.  Start digging around as soon as you have a free moment to experience all of the goodness. Once you think you have seen it all, stop back here and tell us what you think.  Of course there will still be a few more bumps along the road  since our work is never done, so please be patient with us. Thanks for sticking with us this far, and expect even more great things from our entire team here at AppAdvice.

Mentioned apps

BargainBin With Push!
BargainBin With Push!
Proximi, Inc.

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