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Booyah Society Hits The App Store, Now You Can Level Up In Life

July 27, 2009


A couple of months ago we were notified that Booyah, a start-up company founded by three former Blizzard Entertainment veterans, was given $4.5 million in Series A financing from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) iFund.  This $100 million iFund was set up in March 2008 by KPCB to be invested in companies with "market-changing ideas" for the iPhone and iPod touch.  The thing is, no one really knew what market-changing idea Booyah had come up with to deserve the $4.5 million in funding, because even the initial press release was intentionally vague.  Well, today everyone was let in on this little secret. Booyah Society is a brand new iPhone and iPod touch app that basically allows you to obtain achievements for real-life activities.
Booyah Society will be intuitive to the generation surrounded by social networking and social games,” said Keith Lee, CEO, Booyah. “Booyah’s goal is to motivate people to pursue their real-life passions while positively impacting themselves and the community around them. It’s the first achievement system for life.”
booyah_screen The app is actually pretty simple, just launch it and create your own fully customizable Avatar.  Once you have done that you can start posting.  Booyah Society is standalone social networking app, but it also allows you to log into your Facebook and/or your Twitter account to post updates to those feeds from Booyah Society itself.  Booyah Society will keep track of your social stats, including how many posts you have made, comments, and Booyah moments that you have shared with friends.  You are then rewarded with achievements based on all of these activities.  Since you need to choose a category for your posts, like fitness, entertainment, shopping, etc., you are basically being rewarded for doing real-life tasks.  You are also able to view what your friends or just random strangers around the world have shared, including Booyah moments. If you aren't that into social networking, Booyah Society may be just the thing to get you hooked.  It is silly, simple, and will be updated regularly with new features and capabilities to keep you coming back for more. Booyah Society is available in the App Store for free. This is a new approach to social networking, so just in case you are still a little confused about what exactly the app does, I have included a preview video for Booyah Society straight from the developers.

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