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Mafia Wars Updated, Get Push Notifications When Energy Is Full And Loot Is Available

July 28, 2009


The mafia-based strategy game genre is basically at full capacity in the App Store, so developers are trying to find ways to set themselves apart while keeping the fanbase happy.  Apparently push notifications are the way to go, as we have seen iMobster and now Mafia Wars get updated with the new ability. mafiawars_screen2Mafia Wars, just like every other mafia-based strategy game, rewards you with money and experience points for fighting rival mobs, doing jobs, and developing property.  The goal is to build your mafia empire as big as you can by adding other members to your team.  The more members you have, the more powerful you become. Mafia Wars was recently updated to v1.12, which adds quite a few new features, including push notifications when your energy is full and loot is available, new loot jobs and items, fixed "sluggishness" on the home screen, improved speed and stability, and fixed several exploits. Mafia Wars is available in the App Store for free, but you can purchase other versions that start you off with experience points to give you a leg up on the competition. We have also added Mafia Wars to our Apps That Push You Applist.

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Mafia Wars by Zynga
Mafia Wars by Zynga

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