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Postman v2.0 Released With New Interface

July 9, 2009


Developers really do listen to their customers.  Freeverse released their hit postcard application, Postman, a little less than one month ago and they have already redesigned the interface to make it more streamlined even though the app had been relatively successful the way it was.  But that's just one of the many changes in Postman 2.0. postman2_screen1Postman now comes with 10 professionally designed themes, a shake-to-erase mechanism, and text that can be tapped and edited instantly.  Also, thanks to many user requests, text is now resizable and can be spellchecked instantly. Other Postman 2.0 changes and additions include: - Stock Photos has been renamed to "Landmarks" and is packed with a new selection of stock imagery - You can now disable the front of the postcard to send out a quick message without a picture - Location accuracy when selecting a map as your postcard image has been improved - Twitter stability improved - Facebook stability improved One very important user requested feature was somehow overlooked, and that is the ability to rotate and resize images. That issue will be addressed in the next update, however. Postman is now available in the App Store for $.99. postman2_screen2postman2_screen3

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