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Facebook Confirms They Were Also Hit With A Denial-Of-Service Attack

August 6, 2009


According to Macworld, Facebook has confirmed that they were also hit with a denial-of-service attack early this morning.  One social networking site getting knocked out by a DoS attack is bad enough, but two in the same morning?! C'mon! If you missed the news, earlier this morning we reported that Twitter had been hit with a DoS attack, which is basically an attempt to render a high-profile site or service unusable to its users by flooding it with incoming data requests, such as emails.  Twitter got hit hard enough to bring it to its knees, but apparently Facebook was able to withstand the attack, at least sort of. If you noticed Facebook acting a little wonky and sluggish this morning, the DoS attack is the reason.  Facebook has stated that they were able to restore full access for most people.  They will continue to monitor the situation, just as Twitter has, to ensure the site stays up and running. It is unclear at this point whether the attacks are linked, but you would think the likelihood is fairly high considering the timing.  But what do I know. So, how did it feel to be without your favorite social networking sites for a couple of hours this morning?  Did you even notice?

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