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Updated iPhones 3GS Are Still Jailbreakable After All

October 16, 2009


As you might have heard there's been quite a lot of fuss around the iPhone 3GS the last couple of days. Allegedly, Apple would have prevented the newly shipped models from being jailbroken. Well, false alarm. They aren't completely immune. Basically, the newly shipping "patched" 3GS can still be jailbroken, but only using a "tethered jailbreak", this means that you need to have your iPhone plugged to your computer and run a certain procedure every time you turn it on. If  your iPhone freezes or your battery dies, you better have your laptop with you. There was a similar situation with the iPod touch 2G at the beginning of the year, an "untethered" solution was eventually found and we can realistically expect history to repeat itself. I am absolutely convinced of it. [via Wired]

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