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Can You Hit A Thermal Exhaust Port The Size Of A Womp Rat? Find Out In Star Wars: Trench Run

November 17, 2009


THQ's long-awaited X-Wing piloting iPhone and iPod touch game, Star Wars: Trench Run, has landed in the App Store.  It's time to find out if you have the skills to take down the Death Star. starwarstrenchrun_screen1Star Wars: Trench Run puts you in the pilot seat of an X-Wing where you will be tasked with taking down waves of TIE Fighters over the surface of the Death Star and then eventually taking the plunge into a trench to take the monstrosity down once and for all.  You will be tasked with controlling your ship via accelerometer- and touch-based controls.  When things get a bit hairy, you will be able to use the Force with a simple tap of the screen, which will slow down time and increase your agility. The game features a Story Mode with dialogue and music from the original film, and an Arcade Mode that will allow you to play both the Trench Run and Dog Fighting modes separately.  It also allows you to switch between a cockpit and third-person views. Star Wars: Trench Run has been optimized for the iPhone 3GS and second generation iPod touch, so if you own one of those two devices you will be able to witness all of the snazzy special effects.  If not, that's just fine too since the game is capable of running on all of Apple's mobile devices. Star Wars: Trench Run is available in the App Store for $4.99.  Early user reviews have indicated that the game is quite skimpy on content, but the overall experience is enjoyable.  If you are a huge Star Wars fan and would like to relive this memorable scene over and over again on your iPhone or iPod touch, the price probably won't be a problem for you.

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