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Gap On What's A Good App

November 20, 2009


The clothing retailer Gap had the "innovative" idea to make an iPhone app to promote its products. For that purpose they put together a developer contest with $2000 worth of clothing and marketing to win and the chance to develop Gap's official app. Well, after 3 months and over 400 developers Gap picked a winner, Intuapp. Apart from the fact that the app doesn't look that great in my opinion, Macworld talked with the contest's judges and put down what they believe to be the 5 essential qualities for an iPhone application : 1. "It needs a reason to exist", it's important that an app provides a good combination of features, not be limited to just a store locator or an online shopping app. 2. "You have to make sure someone is going to come back to the app multiple times", the contest winning app for example streams you music while you're using the app just like if you were in a Gap Store. Demo:

3. "Don't go overboard", the app's interface must not be too far away from Apple's UI guidelines but not be too traditional either. 4. The app needs to be about the user, has to be personalized. One of the submitted apps for example had a function that lets you try on clothes on your iPhone :

5. Give a reward :

usually in the form of a special discount, to give users for interacting with the app. A good rule of thumb: the greater the interaction, the greater the reward.

Pizza hut for example offers you 20% off if you order from their app, it brought them $1 million in sales in less than 3 months.

What do you think ? What makes a good app in your opinion?

[via MacWorld]