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It's Time To Command & Conquer On Your iPhone Or iPod Touch

November 2, 2009


The App Store hasn't exactly had an overabundance of real-time strategy games, so as a huge personal fan of the genre I am excited to tell you that Command & Conquer Red Alert has been released for the iPhone and iPod touch. commandandconquer_screenCommand & Conquer Red Alert for the iPhone and iPod touch allows you to choose between the Soviets or the Allies, each with different units and unique story lines.  As with nearly all Command & Conquer games, you will be tasked with collecting resources to build up your army before heading into battle.  Once your units are upgraded and ready to fight, you must utilize the touch-based combat interface to take down your foe.  You are able to select units with a single tap, touch and drag to scroll across the maps, and pinch-zoom in and out to view the intense action. The game contains the same classic units from that 1996 hit desktop game as well as some new ones.  It also features 12 combat levels to play through in different environmental conditions.  At launch, Command & Conquer Red Alert features a single-player campaign and Skirmish mode, but it doesn't feature head-to-head multiplayer yet.  EA Mobile has stated that the feature will be added via a future update for free. Something that won't be free is new maps.  You are able to download six more skirmish maps for Command & Conquer Red Alert as an in-app purchase for $.99.  EA will also be offering the "Empire of the Rising Sun" expansion pack as an in-app purchase sometime in the future.  The expansion pack will feature a third faction with its own story, units, and buildings. Command & Conquer Red Alert is now available in the App Store for $9.99. commandandconquer_screen2commandandconquer_screen3

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