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Ngmoco Takes The Leash Off Of Touch Pets Dogs

November 10, 2009


Touch Pets Dogs, like ngmoco's Eliminate, spent a considerable amount of time in Canadian and Australian gamer's hands before being unleashed worldwide to basically serve as a large beta test group.  The time has finally come, however, for the rest of us to feed, bath, and play with our virtual dogs as ngmoco has finally taken the leash off of Touch Pets Dogs and released it globally. touchpetsdogs_screen1Touch Pets Dogs is essentially ngmoco's answer to Nintendogs.  The game allows you to adopt one of seven breeds of dogs, including a Labrador, German Shepherd, Dachshund, and even a Robot Dog, to pamper and take care of in any way you wish.  Touch Pets Dogs features both tilt- and touch-based controls, which allows you to virtually pet, pick up, and teach your dog new tricks with simple gestures, or roll a ball around by tilting your device.  The "game" portion of Touch Pets Dogs consists of leveling up your care taking and training skills, which will unlock new items and activities.  You won't be able too this all day, however, as Touch Pets Dogs employs the same in-app purchase system as Eliminate. In Touch Pets Dogs, your dog only has a certain level of energy to begin with.  As the game progresses, your dog will need food to keep its energy level up.  If you run out of food, which you will just by playing the game, you will need to wait for new dog food to regenerate, just like Eliminate's energy. So basically, if you are patient, the game won't cost you a single penny.  If you just can't wait to feed your dog, however, a bowl of food is going to cost you anywhere from $.99 to $29.99.  And unlike Eliminate where you can still play the game without energy, Touch Pets Dogs doesn't allow you to since your dog will be napping unless it is fed and full of energy. Touch Pets Dogs also feature tons of connectivity via Plus+ and Facebook, such as the ability to set up play dates with other dogs, view your friend's achievements, share pictures, and much more. As I stated before, Touch Pets Dogs is available free of charge as long as you are patient.  But if you just don't want to be patient, ngmoco is rewarding you with a bit of a promotion.  Instead of purchasing bowls of dog food via in-app purchase, you can download one of the four other versions of the game in the App Store and start out with a specified amount of food, and as an added bonus, ngmoco is throwing in even more bowls of food depending on which app you choose.

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