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The Dawn Of A New Era, Video Advertisement Coming To The iPhone

November 17, 2009

YouTube - Video Ad Unit iPhone

Google's AdMob just launched a new advertisement format for the iPhone that is probably going to have a lot of impact on the way we use our favorite device everyday. Until now when we thought of in-app advertisement we would mostly think of the little banner at the top of the screen, the one that came with some free apps and you could ignore them pretty easily. Well, it's not going to be the case anymore, the new format introduced by AdMob is a full screen video advertisement that will show when you launch your ad-supported applications. Here is a video of the format embedded in Tap-Tap Revenge, preceded by an ad for Madden ’10 by Electronic Arts :

At the bottom there is also a bar that lets you directly buy the featured app in the App-Store or find out more about it.

This doesn't sound any good to me, I can understand that they don't want us to avoid the ads but I want my apps to launch directly and I feel like this kind of invasive advertisement would just be frustrating.

Is their next move going to be intermittent spots, much like in TV?

[via Mashable]

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