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The First iPhone Development Reality Show Is Now Live

December 7, 2009

Command Guru - iPhone Reality Show

Here is a reality show that the geeky ones from you can finally appreciate: Command Guru is apparently the first app development reality show and the idea behind it is to feature an international team of developer creating an app from scratch over the course of 7 days. What's so great about it is that they are actually streaming the whole process online for us to see, here is a statement from Command Guru's founder and CEO, Alessio Zito Rossi :
There are over 100,000 Apps and millions of users who do not have any idea of how they are developed. The stork doesn't deliver iPhone Apps! We will show the world how they are really born -- live and streaming!
Their goal is to come up with a sexy social networking app by the 12th of December. Don't miss it if you're curious about how apps are made. [Command Guru via Tuaw]

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