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The NYTimes: You Got It All Wrong, AT&T Is Amazing While The iPhone Has A Secret Network Issue

December 14, 2009


The NewYork Times published quite an intriguing piece this Saturday that comes back on the iPhone and the whole network war. What's so special about the article is that it actually claims pretty much the opposite of what everybody has been saying lately. Indeed, according to the interviewed specialists, AT&T's network would be far superior than Verizon's. Furthermore the iPhone's network issues would actually be Apple's fault :
And the iPhone itself may not be so great after all. Its design is contributing to performance problems. Roger Entner, senior vice president for telecommunications research at Nielsen, said the iPhone’s “air interface,” the electronics in the phone that connect it to the cell towers, had shortcomings that “affect both voice and data.” He said that in the eyes of the consumer, “the iPhone has the nimbus of infallibility, ergo, it’s AT&T’s fault.” AT&T does not publicly defend itself because it will not criticize Apple under any circumstances, he said.
The only thing is that actually, this issue doesn't exist outside of the US, so unless Apple is dumping a different iPhone over here this guy is a clown. Also, the iPhone is just, perfect and infallible.

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