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Usage Stats Prove The iPhone Isn't Just Hype

December 28, 2009


Electronics purchases are often irrational. People tend to buy many expensive gadgets they have no use for and I always wondered if this applied to the iPhone.

Well, it doesn't. According to a recent study from eMarketer, iPhone users, or 94% of them, actually take advantage of the iPhone's capabilities.

87% of them check their emails, 80% check the news, a nice 83% use apps and almost half of them actually IM. Aside of Android users who, despite of the Gmail integration, don't know about emails, this seems also valid for all the other Smartphones.

Yep, there is however a sad 6% of morons hipsters who are using a $500 phone with its $100/month plan just to call and text.


A further point is that, apparently, people seem to enjoy their apps a lot and are spending a decent amount of their time on them.

I knew it wasn't just hype.

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