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Why AT&T Messed Up, An Infography

December 18, 2009


Fake Steve put forward some interesting arguments yesterday in his answer to AT&T around operation Chokehold. To make it short he accused AT&T of hoarding the growing revenues generated by wireless data instead of reinvesting in its infrastructure.

The guys over at Gizmodo looked into AT&T's financials to set the record straight and came up with a nice infography:


It really doesn't look good for AT&T.

Furthermore according to the Wall Street Journal today, AT&T is actually trying to scale its offer down, instead of improving it:

A senior AT&T Inc. executive dismissed speculation that the telecommunications carrier is planning to change the way it prices data plans for its wireless customers, but said it will give customers incentives to limit their use of its wireless network for surfing the Internet or downloading mobile applications.


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