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Apple Sticks With AT&T And Confirms No-Contract Data Plans Starting At $15/Mo.

January 27, 2010

Looks like rumors on this one were wrong. Apple is sticking with AT&T after all, and has announced that U.S. wireless carrier will be offering 250MB of data for just $14.99 per month, or unlimited data for $30 a month. The best part is both are offered  without an annual contract. So far no international plans have been disclosed, but according to Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, the company hopes to have them worked out by June or July. The device will use a GSM micro-SIM Card and will come unlocked. Thinking the price of data is too high? Well Jobs says that other companies charge up to $60 for their data plans and thinks what they are offering is a great deal. Jobs says, " We think we've got a real breakthrough here." He's definitely right on that one. Where else can you find that much data for such a low price? Both the limited and unlimited data plans will come with free access to all of AT&T's nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots. Whether you buy a 3G enabled device, or not, you can purchase and cancel AT&T's network access directly from the device at any time - contract free.