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Apple Unhappy With iTunes TV Show Sales, Pushing To Cut Prices

January 26, 2010

On the eve of what we hope to be Apple's tablet release, the Financial Times is reporting that the company is unhappy with current TV show sales through iTunes and is pushing to halve the cost in order to spur sales.
In recent months, Apple has suggested during meetings with media executives that the price it charges consumers for TV shows be halved from $1.99 to $1, people close to the discussions said. Apple's belief, media executives said, is that drastically cutting prices could spur sales of TV shows on the iTunes digital entertainment storefront, which have so far frustrated Apple executives.
The iTunes Store is not only competing with DVDs, which are priced at nearly half of what a series season pass costs on iTunes, but also with torrent sites, which obviously allow users to download all of the same content for free. The Financial Times also states that Apple has floated the idea of creating a low-cost video subscription service with News Corp, Time Warner, Viacom, Disney and CBS which would give consumers a sort of "best of" television package that would cost $30 per month.  This idea, however, is apparently sinking, as the companies don't see a need to rival existing pay television services that have been doing just fine over the years. So what do you think?  Would you be more willing to turn to iTunes to purchase your television shows if they were only $1, or even a season pass for $30?  Would a tablet have any effect on your iTunes TV show purchasing plans?

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