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Developers Can Start Creating iPad Apps Today With iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta

January 28, 2010

Of all of the people who should be excited about the iPad, you would think it would be iPhone developers.  Not only do their already created apps work on Apple's new device, but it opens up all sorts of new revenue streams and possibilities for future projects.  To help developers get a head start on creating new iPad apps before its official release, which is two months down the road, Apple has chosen to provide the iPhone SDK 3.2 beta immediately. The iPhone SDK 3.2 beta is available to iPhone Developer Program members.  The download clocks in at 2.16GB, so you better start it as soon as possible.  This is a pre-release version of iPhone SDK 3.2 beta, so Apple warns that all developers should review the release notes and read me before installing the software. Being a part of the iPhone Developer Program also gives you access to the iPad simulator, iPad programming guide, iPad human interface guidelines, iPad sample code, and also helps you prepare universal apps, allowing you to take advantage of technologies found in all three mobile idevices with a single binary. So developers, put on those thinking caps and start creating, because we can't wait to see what you come up with in two month's time.

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