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iPhone 4G To Get A LED Flash?

January 8, 2010


Since over 4 months, the iPhone has been Flickr's most popular camera, which clearly indicates how much we all love taking pictures with it.

Apparently Apple understands that as well, and is starting to take this function more and more seriously. After last month's rumors about Apple obtaining 5MP sensors, we're now hearing that they may be looking into getting us a flash with it.

According to AppleInsider's sources, Apple is in process of buying some massive amounts (tens of millions) of  LED camera flash components for 2010.

Furthermore, they are claiming that Apple's most likely supplier might by Luxeon, and according to some pics they posted, they seem to have some pretty powerful gear. Judge it yourself:


This time it's Apple playing catch-up, but still, it would be a nice move.

We're thinking the flash should be part of Apple's logo at the back of the iPhone. It would make an Apple shaped light that would reflect in people's eyes... Don't you think?

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