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Top 100 iPhone Games through 2009 Finale Top 20

January 8, 2010


We've made it through the whole week, and now that it's Friday you know what that means, the top 20 games. I hope you have enjoyed the journey to the peak of Everest in iPhone gaming. The top 100 iPhone games through 2009 is a new appadvice resource that took a lot of work by appadvice, and even more work by the developers. This truly is 100 reasons to get an iPhone so tell everyone you know. You don't have to agree with our choices, but I hope you appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into them as well as the expertise we have to make these recommendations. I want to bring notice to the fact that every game was chosen by overall value, in other words the amount provided for the amount charged. Also tons of games were worthy of consideration, but didn't make it on to the list. In total we have 236 prizes to giveaway, and there will be 236 different winners. Multiple entries help you win, but only one item. Be sure to check your e-mail and your direct messages over the weekend when I send out all of the prizes. In total there is now $500 worth of gaming greatness. Hopefully you can let as many people know as possible about our list. Also Illusion Labs has just provided 5 promo codes for Sway in honor of all three of their games making the list. I wanted to give special notice to Bryan F who wrote a whole appadvice song based on the fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song scroll midway down here. Also starmonkey101 did it agin this time writing a ballad to stoneloops using Smile by Uncle Kracker, scroll near the end here. Thank you both so much, and I just want to say creativity is definitely welcome, and can help you win, but it's not mandatory. I hope you enjoyed our series of reviews this week that covered games we didn't get to in 2009. Our two recent addtions are Inotia 2 and Hi, How Are You. Thank you for you patronage throughout the week, and hopefully continued patronage as we provide you everything in iPhone gaming as well as our continued outstanding news coverage and appisodes. Also coupled with our applists and our newest feature appguides (be sure to check our current gaming ones, and stay tuned for more in the very near future). Overall we strive for quality in everything we present, and we hope you notice and appreciate the time spent. The contest ends today with last entires by 11:59 PM PST 1/8. There have been no requirements this week, but today comment or retweet gets your final entry. If you're leaving a comment it must discuss the top 20, and the top 100 list overall with some substantial contribution. After much anticipation I proudly present the 20 best games in the App Store: /appcollections/show/top-100-iphone-games This is Trevor Sheridan, wishing you continued fun on the iPhone.

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