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Unconfirmed: Leaked Apple iPad Shots

January 27, 2010

As I'm writing this, we're only 6 hours away from Steve Jobs changing irreversibly the face of the world as we know it (yes we are excited). Anyway, getting this close, the risks of leaks and scams are growing exponentially so stay cautious. Engadget published earlier today some shots of what they think could be Apple's upcoming tablet, shots that actually look way more legit than what we have ever seen so far:

As you can see, this model (or prototype) seems to be bolted to a table and would be featuring some sort of wireless connection on top of standard WiFi. While this weird frame is really not telling us much about the actual design of the thing, we at least it know now that it will come with a map application.

On a further note, another source of theirs, the same who leaked them their 3GS  details last year, gave them some insights about today's event:

  • The Tablet features a 10 inch screen
  • It looks like a large unibody iPhone
  • It will cost $800 on Verizon or $1000 contract-free
  • The iPhone will also be hitting Verizon
  • iLife 2010
Scam or leak? We'll know in 6 hours...

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