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A Cheaper Classic Version Of Paperboy Hits The App Store

February 3, 2010

Elite Systems released a spiffed up version of Paperboy for the iPhone and iPod touch right around mid-December.  That game features the classic 2.5D view along with an all-new 3D in-game view.  The things is, some old school gamers didn't want or couldn't find the need for a revamped version of their favorite game at an added cost, they just wanted their classic version of Paperboy on a next generation device, which is why Elite Systems has just released Paperboy Classic for the iPhone and iPod touch. Paperboy Classic is an officially licensed mobile version of the classic 80's coin-operated arcade game.  You won't see any 3D in-game view or replays here, but that's the only thing the developers left out. Paperboy Classic is nearly identical to the other Paperboy game you see in the App Store.  It features the same classic 2.5D perspective, 2.5D replays, graphic enhancements, four game modes, and the same paper chucking gameplay you know and love.  Paperboy Classic's purpose is to simply serve as a leaner and cheaper version of Paperboy, but you aren't really losing anything if you didn't want the 3D perspective in the first place. Paperboy Classic is now available in the App Store for the introductory price of $.99.  On February 10th the price will be raised to $2.99, so pick it up while it's cheap.

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