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ComiXology's Comics Concept Video Shows Us What Comic Books Will Look Like On The iPad

February 8, 2010

Panelfly and IDW have already shown you what comic books will look like on the iPad via a series of images, but comiXology has gone the extra mile and prepared a concept video of their Comics app running on an iPad to give you an even better idea of what to expect. The video embedded below shows off what it will be like viewing a comic in Comics on the iPad in landscape mode.

As you can see, comics will be able to be viewed two pages at a time in landscape mode with the option to view each panel in full-screen mode.  What isn't shown, however, is that when you flip the device you can view comics as a single page.  This is just a taste of what to expect, as there will be many more viewing options available when the app is released. The company expects to have their iPad-optimized version of Comics ready right around the time the hardware is released, although they aren't making any promises.

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