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David H. Lawrence Wants To Tell You About Rehearsal, A New App To Help Actors Learn Lines

February 26, 2010

Rehearsal is a new app for the iPhone and iPod touch that's intended to help all of you aspiring, and even established, actors and actresses learn your lines.  To help recreate the best parts of what actors are used to doing with physical scripts, and to even add some unique features that take advantage of the iPhone's capabilities to improve the process, the developers, Riptide Games, worked with David H. Lawrence XVII of Heroes fame. Rehearsal basically works like this.  You sign up for an account with a custom Rehearsal email address, and when you receive a script in digital form (typically a PDF or Word document), you simply forward it to that custom address.  Then when you fire up Rehearsal, you can load that script into the app. The scripts in Rehearsal are interactive, allowing you to highlight specific lines, add text, audio, photo, or video comments, and even black out your lines so you can try to remember them without reading.  All of this can be done with only a couple of taps. Once you are comfortable enough with your script, you can record your scene and play it back.  When played back, you will not only hear your voice, but the script will also scroll by teleprompter style.  If you would like, you can just listen to your own recording of the script to practice instead of reading off of the screen.  If you are satisfied with the results of your recording and would like to submit your scene for an audition, there is even an option to email the file as an MP3 to anyone you choose. Rehearsal is available for free and comes with three free scripts to allow you to get an idea of how the app works.  It also features a couple of example scripts to play around with.  If you would like to add more than three scripts to the app, you have a few options. Individual scripts will normally cost $1.99 to add, but if you are constantly receiving scripts, they have a more price conscious option for you.  A monthly subscription with unlimited scripts will normally cost $19.99, and an annual subscription will normally cost $199.99.  I say normally because all prices are currently being discounted by 50% at launch, meaning you can add a single script for $.99, and a monthly and yearly subscription is giong for $9.99 and $99.99. But that's truly just the tip of the iceburg, as the app sports all kinds of nifty little features, all of which can be demoed from within the app.  Or, you can just watch the five minute video below and have David H. Lawrence XVII explain all of it to you.

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