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Macworld 2010: More Details Emerge About FloTV

February 16, 2010

From Macworld we learned some more about FloTV for the iPhone. We were able to see a live demo version of the service, and it's made possible by a connection with Mophie. Using Mophie's juice pack, and embedding a broadcast chip within it, provides live TV for iPhone users. The Qualcomm device connects to the iPhone via wifi, and allows up to five devices, though not at the same time. The FloTV plus Mophie juice pack is planned to have a sticker price of $99.99 for the unit, and $149.99 for the unit with six months of service. The service will costs $9.99/month. To put it in perspective the main stand alone unit costs $199, and the subscription service is $14.95. The Mophie juice pack retails for $80. The FloTV service currently has 18 channels, and it has a max bandwith for 20. The current offering though leaves a little to be desired with some stations not really counting. For example there is Adultswim which only airs certain hours of the day, and it's not Cartoon Network the rest of the hours. Using FloTV leaves your device completely drained in 3.5 hours. That means it runs through the entire iPhone charge plus the juice pack in just 3.5 hours. Also we see that without the Mophie juicepack, the service seems extremely impractical draining the battery quickly. In terms of coverage, the service piggybacks the CDMA network, so it has the same scope as Verizon's network. You can check their coverage map to find out if you're covered. It is excepted to be released in Spring, but that is just an approximation. An iPad version will definitely be considered, but a larger screen would require a higher monthly fee. So what do you think? Is FloTV on the iPhone something you would be willing to buy for $99.99 and have another monthly fee? Or is sling player the way to go? Or are you holding out for Hulu? Let us know.

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