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Rumor: iPhone 4G Shot Leaked & You Saw It Already

February 2, 2010

Welcome to crazy rumor week. After finding out yesterday that we haven't seen the true iSlate yet, we're now hearing that on the other hand, we all saw the next iPhone.

Wow, apparently, the iPhone we saw on Engadget's leaked iPad shots last Wednesday morning is the next generation of iPhones. We were all so hyped about the iPad that we just failed to notice it.

As you can see above, its design does differ from our current model, furthermore if you look closer, there is a little dot next to the speaker, which some believe could be a front-facing camera.

Well, I don't know how legit this really is, since it actually looks a lot like my own iPhone:

So unless I'm secretly testing out the iPhone 4G, this could very well be a scam, but who knows?

What about the dot then?


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