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Sega Pulls Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games From The App Store

February 4, 2010

As some of you may have already noticed, Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is no longer available in the App Store only five days after its official release, and when an app is pulled from the App Store, speculation usually runs rampant, so we decided to contact Sega's PR to clear up the matter. Apparently Sega has pulled the game themselves to avoid causing any confusion as they rework it. How exactly they are reworking the game remains extremely unclear at this point.  Possible bug fixes? Additional content (since it was a fairly stripped down game)?  Only Sega knows, and they just aren't willing to share quite yet. So yes, we are still a bit in the dark, but we were assured that Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games would be making a return to the App Store. When, however, remains to be seen. It could be within hours, days, or even weeks. We will update you on this story when and if more information becomes available.

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