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Appisode 95: Payola In The App World, The iBookstore May Have Some Competition And Tons Of Apps Gone Free!

March 23, 2010
Application reviews are in high demand,heck if they weren't, I wouldn't be here.  But are trusted reviewers getting paid to play? Well according to there are multiple iphone specific sites that are either requesting or demanding payment in order to review an app... Looks like the iBookstore won't be the only place to get your digital reading material on the iPad, in fact according to the New York Times, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are both prepping iPad bookstores of their own... App of the Day: Panda Monium Kind of like Rolando, however Panda Monium does have some stand alone features, and is pretty addicting. Get it for only $.99. Or watch the show for your chance to win.

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Where's Waldo?™ The Fantastic Journey
Where's Waldo?™ The Fantastic Journey

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