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Easily Sell Your Unwanted Stuff On Ebay With Zuujit

March 5, 2010

We all have stuff around the house that is just itching to be thrown out or in this down economy, sold and given new life. For many, eBay has become the destination for recouping some dollars on these unwanted items. With the new free app Zuujit, selling and earning some cash for unwanted junk has become just that much easier. Zuujit calls itself "The Mobile Money Maker" and it can do just that. It works as a personal eBay selling wizard and streamlines the selling process. To begin making this money, you'll need an eBay account as well as one from Zuujit. You can register for a Zuujit account when you access the app for the first time. Upon loading, you're greeted by your personal selling assistant Kim, who takes you step by step through the entire process. She asks you to take photos of your item (up to 5 for free), measure it for shipping purposes and she'll even provide you with data related to the item's previous selling history so you'll know what you might expect to earn.

The entire exchange is set up to resemble an instant messaging session and works quite well. In just a few minutes of answering some brief questions, your listing is ready and posted on eBay. All you need to do is wait for it to sell and mail it off to the auction's winner. As with any item you sell on the auction website, a listing and commission fee is taken from eBay. Although the app itself is free,  Zuujit does collect a $1.99 fee if your item sells. For the eBay novice, this can be a small price to pay to simplify the selling process. Besides, unwanted junk laying around the house is worth nothing to you anyway. So get selling and earn some money to pay for that new iPad. Zuujit is free on the App Store.

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