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Fieldrunners for iPad Will Be Part of The iPad App Store Grand Opening - Plus Screenshots

March 27, 2010

On April 3rd you will be able to download Fieldrunners for iPad. The game will launch with the iPad App Store, and Subatomic Studios has redesigned it to take full advantage of the iPad. It will be similar to the iPhone version, but with high definition graphics to say the least. The game genre that has the biggest potential on the iPad is tower defense, and what better way to begin than having the best iPhone tower defense game redesigned for the device. Now the maps can fit the whole screen without all the pinch and zooming and dragging around. You can see the whole picture at once, and still take full advantage of the ease of the touch interface. Fieldrunners for iPad is checking in at $7.99, and is a truly a game for the iPad, but when created only an iPhone/iPod Touch was available. The game can have current maps super finely detailed, or can fit the whole map to the 9.7" screen. The screenshots below are scaled down, but still show the finely detailed zoomed in look rather than the whole map at once. Note that the price and screenshots are subject to change.

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