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Forward-Thinking: Seton Hill University To Give Out iPads To All Its Students

March 31, 2010

There are a whole bunch of students working at AppAdvice, including myself, and if there is one thing we definitely all agree on about the iPad, it is that it should be a damn neat device for college.

Indeed, not only it will spare you the burden of carrying heavy books and fighting with printouts, but it will most probably be one of the most convenient ways to take and share notes.

Well, some smart folks over at Seton Hill University apparently came to the same conclusions and announced that:

starting in Fall, 2010, every full-time student will get an iPad as part of the Seton Hill Griffin (that's the school's mascot) Technology Advantage Program.

Great move, let's just hope others will also "get it" and follow.

There is probably a lot more possible uses for the iPad in education;  any further cases you can think of?

[via TUAW]

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