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iPad Exclusive: Unofficial Flickr App Approved

March 31, 2010

The first unofficial flickr app, flickr Photos, has been approved and will be available for download on day one of the iPad App Store. Even though this is not an official app by Yahoo, nor do they endorse it, it still looks like a good substitute, and should at least hold us over in the mean time.

flickr Photos will let you download and view your flickr photos, as well as view your contacts flickr photos, right from your iPad. flickr Photos will be available to download for $2.99. But, why should you pay $2.99 when you can just as easily view the images directly from I mean browsing on the iPad is supposed to be amazing right? Well the interface actually looks pretty nice and appears to be a better user experience than just browsing on the web. Being able to view your contacts photos is also a nice feature. I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I have problems getting images to load on the website. Hopefully the app will put an end that issue. It also looks like they made good use of the new iPad interface. Even though I haven't been able to play with the app in person, I can still say that seems to fill some basic flickr needs. What do you guys think? Would any of you pay $2.99 for this app? [gallery]