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iPad Preview : Music Composition With Pianist Pro

March 29, 2010

Music lovers shopping the App Store back in its grand opening in the summer of 2008 may have come across a great piano simulator from MooCowMusic called Pianist. Using the iPhone's touch screen interface and sampling notes from all 88 keys, wannabe musician's could tote a portable keyboard in their pocket and compose on the go. Fast forward to the launch of the iPad and the same developers hope to take mobile music composition to a whole new level with their upcoming launch day title, Pianist Pro.

This time around, the developers have taken what worked so well with the iPhone version and made it not only bigger but better with even greater functionality and tools for the digital musician. With the iPad's larger display, the gorgeous keyboard interface will make playing the virtual piano even easier. New features include a built in arpeggiator to program complex chords and runs, options for alternative instruments like guitars or organs and a drum machine to add rhythmic beats to your musical creations.

Like the iPhone version, Pianist Pro will also allow you to play on dual keyboards. With the obvious jump in touch screen real estate, musicians will interact like never before.

MooCowMusic has already submitted the new app to Apple and Pianist Pro should be available for download with the iPad launch on April 3. It will be priced at $9.99.

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