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Don't Just Master Your Harbor On Your iPhone - Do It In HD On You iPad

March 31, 2010

Harbor Master from Imangi Studios may be the best line drawing game for the iPhone, and luckily it's coming to the iPad as Harbor Master HD. The game has been redesigned from the ground up specifically for the iPad. This isn't simply upscaled iPhone maps, but rather brand new maps only possible on the larger screen of the iPad. On the iPad it's possible to have multiple elements from the iPhone maps all in one expansive map. The ocean is larger, more docks are available, and yet the boats are the same size meaning only one thing, Harbor Madness. Now more boats can be on screen at once with more docks to make it to, and just more fun to have. This is a standalone app, and all of the art, and content are completely new, plus there will be online leaderboards. As you can see from the high resolution screenshot below the ground layers actually have detailed terrain, and everything just looks more beautiful as your drawing paths of the ships. The app has been approved, and should be part of the iPad App Store grand opening which will instantly make the iPad App Store a better place.

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