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Steve Jobs Confirms The iPad's 10 Hours Of Battery Life, From His iPad

March 7, 2010

It seems like Steve is either on fire this week, or totally bored. Indeed, on top of his yesterday's answer on iPad tethering, Steve Jobs also took the time this week to respond GCN's John Breeden doubts about the iPad's battery life.

In short, Breeden showed some serious skepticism in a column last week about the iPad's estimated 10 hours of battery life. This got him quite a lot of bad comments from what he calls "the Mac faithful", so while trying to write a response, he decided to take it to Steve.

I e-mailed him to say that I didn’t mean to imply that he was lying during his iPad presentation, as several people accused me of in their comments. People make presentations written by marketers all the time that are not 100 percent truthful, and it doesn’t make them liars.

He then also inquired about whether he was the author of a comment signed "Steve Jobs" he had received (we get a lot of those) and he got his answer:

Sorry, wasn't me. And, yes, we are getting 10 hours in 1.5 pounds.

Sent from my iPad

Well, that settles that.

[via Macrumors]

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