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Unconfirmed: Almost 100,000 iPads Already Pre-Ordered

March 13, 2010

As you know by now, Apple started taking pre-orders for its iPad earlier today, and apparently, it's already a huge success.

Attacked from all fronts, the iPad has achieved an incredible amount of buzz lately and everybody is now very eager to find out how it did. Well, while Apple hasn't announced any official sales numbers yet, iPad enthusiasts around the web are exchanging order numbers and they believe to have some first estimates of the iPad's first sales.

After a first report announcing 50,000 unit pre-ordered around noon (ET), we're now hearing that the count would have went up to as much a 90,000.

Apple's website still states at this moment that in-store pick ups and deliveries will be happening on the third of April, but with such a demand, this might not last.

According to Macrumors, some early adopters who got in touch with Apple to change their order from delivery to pick up have been told that orders are

"so overwhelming" that new iPad orders may not be available for in-store pickup on April 3.

Alright, those are just very vague and unreliable estimates. If confirmed however, this just presages what we all knew already, the iPad is a hit.

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