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Why Is Apple Using MicroSIMs?

April 20, 2010

The iPad 3G due in a couple days, as well as the leaked iPhone HD both use MicroSIMs instead of the standard sim cards. Why's that? Is it just a matter of size? Well, apparently not.

Indeed, I just found out that MicroSIMs come with a couple extra features:

  • allow for multiple simultaneous applications accessing the card through logical channels;
  • introduce mutual authentication as a way to eliminate carrier spoofing by allowing the SIM card to authenticate the cell tower to which it is connecting;
  • add a new PIN protection with hierarchical PIN management with a universal PIN, an application PIN and a local PIN;
  • expand the phonebook storage of the SIM card with entries for email, second name, and groups.
Basically, it's the best way to prevent Turbosim-like unlocks. [via iPhoneuserguide]

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