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Apple Splits The App Store - iPhone & iPad Apps Now Separated

April 6, 2010

It didn't bother me much personally, but the way Apple mixed up together iPhone and iPad apps on the App Store, and more particularly on its front page wasn't really optimal in terms of user experience.

Well, Apple apparently came up with a different way to deal with this and just deployed an updated App Store interface to iTunes with separate views for iPhone & iPad apps.

Just click at the top of the main page on either the iPhone or iPad filter button and you'll be presented with a device-specific App Store. It will then provide you with different rankings and selections both on the main page and in the specific categories. You'll be further required to go back to the front page every time you want to change this preference.

I believe the front page is indeed much clearer this way, but the fact that you can't flip the switch in further views is a hassle. They should have kept a third, "Mixed" version for those who want it.

How do you folks like it?

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