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Netflix Coming To the iPhone Too?

April 3, 2010

As we reported Netflix streaming is a free app on the iPad you can download right now. Well the iPad might not be the lone idevice to get Netflix streaming for much longer. On Netflix's blog late last night the following was posted:
Steve Swasey, VP of Corporate Communications, here. Terrific response to our news today about Netflix on the iPad. For those of you asking whether Netflix will be on the iPhone and iPod Touch: We wouldn't invite you to dinner without planning to serve dessert. In other words, we're working on it so stay tuned.
It looks like Netflix understands 75 million iPhone and iPod Touches are tough to ignore. Now a 3.5" screen isn't the best way to watch movies and TV shows, but it's much better than nothing. We're assuming wifi only, but you never know. You excited? Thanks to Jerry Walker for the tip.

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