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Twittelator Goes From Pro To Pad, Will Be Available For iPad Launch

April 1, 2010

All of you future iPad owners already knew that you would have at least one Twitter option at launch -- besides using the website, of course -- in the form of Twitterrific, but now it looks like you will have a second option.  Big Stone Phone's popular iPhone Twitter app Twittelator has ditched its "Pro" in order to take on "Pad." Twittelator was completely redesigned to take advantage of the iPad's much larger screen.  In landscape mode the app features a persistent timeline for your friends' tweets, so you will never miss another important 140 character message again. Above the timeline is a search field to go digging for specific tweets, and to the right is basically everything else. The entire right portion of the screen is reserved for all of the other important Twitter information, such as mentions, messages, lists, detailed profiles, drafts, or anything else you decide to tap on.  Below that section is the usual iPhone-like tab bar that can be customized with whatever you deem is the most important.  The right side is basically where all of the magic will happen. If we know Big Stone Phone, and we think we do, tabs aren't going to be the only thing you will be able to customize.  You will be able to replace the default background with one that better reflects your style, and if you are a power user, you will be able to manage multiple accounts. The only thing we are left wondering about is what happens when the iPad is in portrait mode.  We will definitely try to get to the bottom of this before the big day. Twittelator Pad will be available in the App Store on launch day for $4.99, which is actually the exact price of the iPhone version.

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