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Admob On Mobile OS War: Android 1 - iPhone OS 3.5

May 26, 2010

With all these Android handsets coming out every month (must be hell for users), we might start feeling like the Android is a taking over the iPhone. But is it really so? Well, it's probably a threat, but there is still a long way to go.

Indeed, Admob, the mobile advertising firm, released a new report today focusing this time on the very current iPhone OS versus Android war. Based on their data, they tried to compare how many units of each platform are currently running both in the US and worldwide. Their results (featured above) are showing that iPhone OS is still prevailing at a 2:1 ratio in the US and 3.5:1 worldwide.

Well, that doesn't tell us much by itself. If you compare this to last year's results however, you can see that in February 2009 in the US, the iPhone had a tenfold penetration compared to the Android. Does this mean that people are switching away from the iPhone? No, it doesn't seem like that's the case. On the other hand, the Android is much more appealing now than it was a year ago. Therefore, people switching from other brands seem to be picking the Android over let's say... a Palm or a Windows phone. Yes, this does make the Android much more of a competitor for the iPhone, but it mostly seems to be taking over those who don't want an iPhone.

In short, it seems that we're now headed towards an Android versus iPhone OS AppPhone world. Which would make for a great ad campaign to replace the now defunct Mac versus PC one, don't you think?

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