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Apple Lowers German iPad Prices After Screwup & Consumer Uproar

May 10, 2010

Despite of the "common currency" and the EU, doing business in Europe is a hassle. So much of a hassle actually that even Apple just couldn't get it right.

Indeed, as we've told you last week, Apple announced that German iPad prices will be a bit higher than average. The reason for that, as explained by Steve himself, was a newly introduced €15 copyright tax that Apple added to every model. The thing is; that wasn't right. The new copyright tax introduced by Germans does not affect computers that embed less than 40GB of memory (or mobile devices as a matter of fact).

Well, after opening the iPad pre-orders in Germany this morning at 2am with the announced higher prices, Apple suddenly realised its mistake. It followed by them closing the online store for a little extra while, only to reopen it later with the correct lower pricing. Hence, the 16GB and 32GB German iPads are now a bit cheaper.

We're not going to hold a grudge Steve, but think twice next time before you tell customers to "educate themselves".

[Thanks to Blink for the tip]

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